Within the focus area, the development of an integrated service platform for IoS will allow organizations to move from classical multi-layered to cloud-based architecture and enable the efficient development of new digital services to all actors involved. In addition to technical aspects, the platform will also include a set of horizontal value-added IoS services that will be useful as building blocks of solutions in individual verticals and other projects.

The key objectives of the field are:
a / to raise and significantly strengthen the technological level of companies in Slovenia for the competitiveness of the development of modern digital solutions and services and the management of the third platform and other technologies;
b / to design, develop and implement innovative services and around them develop innovative business models based on Internet services applications using cloud, APIs and other technological leverage and apply them in the context of modern digital solutions;
c / to establish new stakeholder value chains that, through the integration of new, disruptive actors and traditional businesses, create new niches and address target groups of consumers in new, innovative ways;


prof. dr. MATJAŽ B. JURIČ
University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science

Programme board

Representative from the economy:
Post of Slovenia

Representative from the research institution:
»Jožef Stefan« Institut

Other members of working group

  • Flavio Fuart
  • Valdemar Mlakar
  • Rudolf Sušnik
  • Simon Jurič