Digital transformation

The Digital Transformation field focuses on the co-creation of digital solutions with other SRIPs in the areas of their value chains, giving them a greater chance:
– to better address the real needs of digital users,
– to be placed in new digital business models,
– to be tested and certified in a business laboratory before they enter the market.
All above mentioned is needed for the successful preparation and implementation of the entire digital transformation project.

The goal of the Digital Transformation field is to enable organizations to effectively adapt, modify, establish and innovate business models for digital transformation. The goal is also to establish a supportive environment for effective transfer of knowledge in the field of changing, establishing and innovating digital business models.


ZZI d.o.o.

Programme board

Representative from the economy:
Comtrade d.o.o.
Representative from the research institution:
izr. prof. dr. ANDREJA PUCIHAR
University of Maribor, Faculty of Organizational Sciences