Cyber security

The purpose of the development of Cyber security field is to provide products and services for the comprehensive management of cyber risks in the economy and the public sector, both in the development phase and in the phase of operational use of ICT services, with the achievement of a high level of cyber maturity needed to successfully realize the objectives of digital transformation of enterprises and Public sector.

The aim of the Cyber security domain is to offer easy-to-install products and services that support state-of-the-art security standards. We will address information security monitoring and control tools, their analytics in order to detect threats and anomalies, tools to support the assessment of the effectiveness of countermeasures, identity management, mandate and access control, confidence-building tools, transparency of evidence, the storage and management of digital transactions, Blockchain technologies, anonymity, secure data storage, security in communication and networking, security and privacy management and confidentiality in data warehouses, large data and data security tools, security data analysis tools, integration of Artificial intelligence into security products, security as support for digitization and the IoT.



Programme board

Representative from the economy:
Telekom Slovenije d.d.

Representative from the research institution:

University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Computer and Information Science